I'm Jacob Shea

Well hello! Thought I'd give you a background on myself as it involves my life in technology. Let's see, I started coding in the 5th grade, thanks to a wonderful, inspiring teacher named Mr. Bell, while everyone else learned to type. He had the vision to lead me down the path I still follow today. During high school, I ran a BBS, managed UNIX systems on the weekend, and was the guy in the computer closet at Best Buy Tech fixing computers. (Damn those Packard Bells.)

After high school, I became a staff programmer for Dell Computers while attending the University of Texas at Austin. I provided development and software architecture for Dell.com sites, intranet portals and custom tools within the company. The Dell.com store was the largest eCommerce store in the world at that time. (Amazing to see so much data on an enterprise-level so early in my career.)

Leaving Dell three years later, I started a consulting agency in Austin, lucky enough to help Dell Computers again but as an outside partner. We provided software architecture, development staffing, platform implementation, Data Mart development and online strategy. We worked with internal segments, such as sales, HR, finance, product groups, online and IT. After seven years of consulting in Austin, I decided it was time to move to California to focus on a broader client base.

Moving to San Diego, I served as a founding partner, EVP and General Manager for five years at JHG, an Interactive Agency in San Diego. I managed all production teams, including development, creative, strategy and analytics. Company growth throughout those five years grew to 50 smart and driven people. We served clients like Yahoo Sports, Comcast, Rogers Communication, QUALCOMM, FLO TV, JVC Mobile, Volcom, NFL and others brands. In 2010, JHG was acquired by GA Communication Agency from Chicago to serve as their digital production arm for all of their clients.

As work shifted away from Sports and Entertainment verticals, I left JHG/Globe in the summer of 2010 and created Digital Boss, Inc. I wanted to continue to create partnerships and help brands push forward in the technology, mobile and digital space. I moved to San Francisco to be closer to the technology community.

During the last few years, I've served as acting CIO/CDO for FanVision over a three-year engagement, hustled kiosks at F1 Austin, wore suits to Pixar (ooopppss) while launching their new website, handed out many Eskuche headphones at SXSWi, deployed SaaS applications at Qualcomm, been CTO for a Social Good org trying to save the rainforest, and all while creating new partnerships with other agencies and driven people all over.

Reach out anytime - looking forward to meeting you. Just in case you wanted to check out my resume.

Our Engagements


Drove the Digital project for the website redesign, working with Pixar's creative directors who developed the UX/UI, we drove the development. We continue to advise them on Digital strategy.

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Long engagement for providing Digital, Technical, eCommerce consulting, as well as serving as CIO for the company. Products supporting NASCAR, NFL, F1, etc, for onsite entertainment.

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License our Marketing Asset management, workflow management and Tradeshow tracking platform, currently leading Worldwide tactics for continuing to push their brands to business and consumers.

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Rock My Run


A startup with cause to keep people fit and entertained, provides running mixes, designed by popular, professional DJ’s that will increase the enjoyment and performance of a person's workout or race.

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For geeks, by geeks and supported by us geeks. A home for those people who want to promote their skills, their projects, collaborate with like minded people, and being able to hack up their digital resume.

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Eskuché Headphones

Eskuché Headphones

Headphones, inspired by classic, iconic, and simplistic design principles, that are highly functional and meet the demands of today's savvy, individualistic consumer. Headphones for those that care of quality and sound.

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