The Group

In case you were wondering who we are...

We are a group driven to elevate concepts, define direction, that develop into partnerships with people passionate in the Digital / Technology space.

Led by Jacob Shea, our group and partners advise on digital strategy, development, execution and, with our extended network of partners and agencies, are able to reach out to the best resources to get the job done, thus putting the best "Digital Boss" within a project.

What We Focus On

Our services that we are passionate about

Creative Development

Software Architecture

Angel Investment

Startup Advisement

Agency / Partner referrals

Digital Strategy

Our Engagements


Drove the Digital project for the website redesign, working with Pixar's creative directors who developed the UX/UI, we drove the development. We continue to advise them on Digital strategy.

We love #PixarMovies



Long engagement for providing Digital, Technical, eCommerce consulting, as well as serving as CIO for the company. Products supporting NASCAR, NFL, F1, etc, for onsite entertainment.

We love #Sports



License our Marketing Asset management, workflow management and Tradeshow tracking platform, currently leading Worldwide tactics for continuing to push their brands to business and consumers.

We love their Chips

We Advise
Rock My Run


A startup with cause to keep people fit and entertained, provides running mixes, designed by popular, professional DJ’s that will increase the enjoyment and performance of a person's workout or race.

We Love #Music



For geeks, by geeks and supported by us geeks. A home for those people who want to promote their skills, their projects, collaborate with like minded people, and being able to hack up their digital resume.

We Are #Geeks

Eskuché Headphones

Eskuché Headphones

Headphones, inspired by classic, iconic, and simplistic design principles, that are highly functional and meet the demands of today's savvy, individualistic consumer. Headphones for those that care of quality and sound.

We Love #Headphones